JEM Easy Rose Cutter 60mm

JEM Easy Rose Cutter 60mm
Item# 43-7202

Product Description

The 60mm Jem Easy Rose Cutter includes one cutter that makes a flower with a five petal grouping. They are used to make the Rose flower for use in floral bouquets using gumpaste, fondant or chocolate. They make a rose flower that is approximately 2-3/8". The plastic cutters have an easy grip on the back with a hole in the middle to poke the gumpaste out if it becomes stuck in the cutter. This set of cutters also comes with a set of instructions provided by JEM.

To make the best looking flower from this cutter first make a cone shaped piece of fresh gumpaste and make a small hook on one end of the wire insert and let dry. The cutter has a marking on the petal 1A to show the best size to use. Cut 2 to 3 pieces and thin the edge using a ball tool on a foam pad. Poke a small hole in the center and bring the gumpaste flower up to the bottom of the form, glue it in place. Attach each piece with the leading edge overlapping the next petal. Add a second or third set of petals and shape as needed.