Cake and Pastry Books & DVD's

**We are now working with to bring you more a larger selection of books. In doing this it will not only bring you another way to get the books that you want but it will help us generate some income so that we can buy more books and increase our inventory. Anything that you buy by going through our website to get to Amazon actually helps us as well, so if you are going to be making any purchases from Amazon we would appreciate using us as your portal to their site.

If you do not see the book that you are looking for or are looking for any other product this link will take you to Amazon to find it. We track what you are looking for and add as many of those books as possible.

At this time we have available all of the items in the first four categories and they are being sold at discounted prices. The books in other categories are books that we recommend highly for any Cake Decorator, Pastry Chef or Baker.