Bow Gelatin Veining Texture Set

Bow Gelatin Veining Texture Set
Item# Bow-Texture-Set-1

Product Description

The Gelatin Bow Texture Sheet Set includes the following 6 sheets: Herringbone, Houndstooth, Patterned Dots, Random Dots, Wavy Lines & Parallel Lines. With these sheets you can use either gelatin or chocolate to make amazing bows.

The plastic sheets are used to create stunning colorful & vibrant art. They are very simple to make using gelatin & water. You warm it to let the gelatin bloom and paint it on the forms, this can be colored to suit your needs. Thin floral wire 28g or 30g should be placed to allow you to wire the individual petals together. Disco Dust or other colors can be added to give an iridescent shimmer to your creation.

We recommend that you use Great Lakes Gelatin for best results.