Brilliant White Isomalt Sticks by Cake Play

Brilliant White Isomalt Sticks by Cake Play
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Product Description

CakePlay’s pre-cooked Isomalt Sticks are fun and easy to use. Just melt and you’re ready to decorate! Please follow these important preparation and safety instructions: To Melt In the Microwave (recommended technique): 1.Break desired number of isomalt sticks in half. Isomalt sticks can also be cut with kitchen shears. 2.Place isomalt sticks in the center of your microwave in a microwavable cup, preferably a cup with a handle. 3.Melt in 15-second increments until isomalt is the desired consistency and bubbles form. Note: Consider your project when melting isomalt. Some intricate projects, like detailed molds, require more heating and a thinner consistency, while other techniques, such as pulling, require a thicker consistency. 4.Carefully remove melted isomalt from the microwave, using a potholder or ovenproof gloves to protect your hands. To Hold 1.Melt in a 275-300° oven in a heatproof dish, or hold melted isomalt in an electric skillet, oven or hot plate while working. Re-melt as needed. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Melted isomalt is extremely hot. Do not heat isomalt in glue guns or in any other manner not specifically recommended by CakePlay. Always give it your full attention, as it can burn skin upon contact. Do not use in a high-traffic area or around children. Wear gloves and long sleeves during use to protect your skin. Keep a bowl of cold water nearby to immerse your hands in case of accidental contact. Please note: CakePlay is not liable for any accidents or injuries sustained from handling isomalt. To Store 1.Keep unused CakePlay isomalt sticks in a tightly sealed container at room temperature for up to 2 years. 2.Finished isomalt pieces should be placed in air-tight containers until right before use. Do not refrigerate. Place finished isomalt pieces on cake just before displaying. 3.Leftover isomalt can be poured onto a non-stick or Silpat® mat, cooled, and stored.