PME-57R Stainless Steel Right Petal Piping Tip

PME-57R Stainless Steel Right Petal Piping Tip
Item# PME-57R-Piping-Tip

Product Description

The PME #57R Curved Petal Piping Tip is made of seamless Stainless Steel. This special piping tip is perfect for making a large array of beautiful petals of many types. This tip is designed for the use and comfort of a right handed person. The tip It is best utilized for piping in Buttercream, Royal Icing, Chocolate or many other mediums.

This Professional Decorating Tip is seamless so it will not curl when doing delicate cake decorating like less expensive tips that are made with a seam. This seam catches on the icing and causes it to curl up when it exits the tip. It is also very durable and will not rust or discolor. These Piping Tips are made in England by PME Sugar Craft.