PME People Mold - Family of 4

PME People Mold - Family of 4
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This set of molds from PME will allow you to make a family of four. It includes all of the molds needed to make a man, woman, 5 & 10 year old children. A book of instructions for creating these figures in Gumpaste, Fondant, Modeling Chocolate or a variety of other mediums is included.

This product is made in England by PME Sugar Craft.

•Set of 4: Man (8.5"), Woman (8.25"), 10-year-old child (6"), 5-year-old child (5")

•Create your own perfectly proportioned moulded figurines. •High quality plastic and durable. •Fun and easy to use. •Three parts to each mold: head and upper body, arms and legs. •All parts in proportion, just mold and join together. •To clean the molds was with warm, soapy water or use a dishwasher. •People Moulds can be used with a variety of pastes including gum paste/ flower paste, Mexican paste, marzipan/ almond paste, cold porcelain and polymer clays. (NOTE: Molds used with food should be kept separate from those used with non-food materials.)