PME 5 Hole Horseshoe Eyelet Cutter (BA397)

PME 5 Hole Horseshoe Eyelet Cutter  (BA397)
Item# PME397BA

Product Description

The PME Five Hole Horseshoe Eyelet Cutter BA397 can be used to either emboss patterns or to cut designs for a decorative effect. This cutter has four petal shapes two to the right and two to the left and a round at the bottom to make a horseshoe shape. It can be used to create elegant Broderie Anglaise, or intricate lace patterns. The cutter can be used with a variety of materials, such as Rolled Fondant, Gumpaste, Marzipan, Sugarpaste, Modeling Chocolate, etc. PME Includes instructions for use are on the back of the package. It is made from a long wearing, food safe & easy to clean plastic and are made in England by PME Sugar Craft.