Sugar Dippers # 2, Silicone veining mat

Sugar Dippers # 2, Silicone veining mat
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Sugar Dippers are a great tool to quickly and easily make beautiful creations from Isomalt with little experience needed. Sugar Dippers Sheet #2 contains 2 sizes each of All Purpose Leaves & Butterflies as well as ten Daisy Petals. These are very simple to use and detailed instructions are included. You simply heat your CakePlay Isomalt in the microwave, pour into the veined molds, set them cool slightly, remove them from the molds and shape them into your final look. The pieces are stuck together to form you finished design with more heated Isomalt and they are ready for display. If you are not using them immediately place them in an airtight box with a desiccant packet to keep them from getting sticky and melting. This food safe silicone sheet is approximately 7-1/4" x 9-1/2" and are manufactured by Cake Connection.