Sugar Roses For Cakes by Tombi Peck Alan Dunn Tony Warren

Sugar Roses For Cakes by Tombi Peck Alan Dunn Tony Warren
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Product Description

When it comes to wedding cakes, everyone wants roses. In this fabulous new book, the art of floral sugarcraft is revealed by authors with experience in these unique techniques, showing readers virtually every kind of rose decoration that can be applied to a cake, as well as sugar roses in bouquets, sprays, posies, and for table arrangements. Sugar Roses for Cakes includes templates and features collections of all different kinds of roses: wild, climber, rambling, traditional varieties and the various modern roses, from full blown modern blooms to delicate, five-petal wild roses. With nearly 200 full-color photographs, this books offers a wide array of designs and cakes, including cakes for occasions other than weddings. The perfect book for brides and wedding planners, Sugar Roses for Cakes picks up on the latest trends in flower arranging to reveal many innovative ways to display sugar roses.

Tombi Peck is a founding member of the British Sugarcraft Guild and the author of Decorative Touches.

Alan Dunn is a leading sugarcraft designer whose books include Wild Flowers Sugar Inspirations, Floral Wedding Cakes & Sprays, and Exotic Sugar Flowers for Cakes.

Tony Warren, known for his delicate extension and filigree work, teaches sugarcraft, he works for a large sugarcraft company.